After focusing on documentary in recent years, I’m returning to drama with a new film, ‘Number 3’, a horror fantasy short, which is now in post production. Number 3 features a complete team of up and coming talent, for most this will be their first time in front or behind the camera. The film is a really exciting blend of my work as a director and in education, as most of the cast and crew are from my film making course at MAC Birmingham or from Louise Osbourne’s ‘Acting for Screen’. You can find out more about ‘Number 3’ on the films website:

How did I get here? A decade on from making my first documentary, I directed my first drama. Broad St Friday Night (2000) is a short film telling the tale of a girls night out on the streets of Birmingham. The film was inspired very much by Michael Winterbottom’s Wonderland (1999), which felt so real, it convinced me I could transition from documentary to drama. I teamed up with producer Natasha Carlish for that film and within a whirlwind couple of years we went on to make the BAFTA nominated Bouncer and BAFTA winning Brown Paper Bag from Geoff Thompson’s highly authentic and realistic scripts. Since then, I’ve directed TV drama for BBC and through that and my short films have had the chance to work with actors such as Christopher Timothy, Sheriden Smith, Ray Winstone, Maxine Peake, Liz Smith, Ariyon Bakare, Paddy Considine and Morvern Christie to name a few.  

I particularly enjoy working with actors who are early in their career and helping them develop. Over a period of eight years at the Birmingham School of Acting I directed over 90 short films and excerpts, including one of my favourite short films, the near silent Whistle (based on Jim Crace’s The Devil’s Larder). With an emphasis on new talent, I also regularly work with new writers, there’s a strong thread of innovation in my drama work. My feature film Turbulence, made with acting graduates from BSA, features a cast of characters developed through workshops with the actors. My new short Number 3, written by JJ Smith, is a debut film for almost all of the cast and crew.  

I have a number of fiction projects in development for feature film and tv, if you are interested in becoming a supporter, please do get in touch. I’m always looking for new directing opportunities and am available on a freelance basis. I’m keen to hear from writers, producers and actors from all over. You can find a full list of my credits on imdb


A darkly comic tale of the brutal realities of life as a nightclub doorman. BAFTA-nominated short film starring Ray Winstone, Paddy Considine, Ronnie Fox & Shaun Parkes, written by Geoff Thompson. Produced by Natasha Carlish.

Brown Paper Bag

A film about love and addiction. BAFTA-winning short film starring Ronnie Fox & Jo Mcinnes. Written by Geoff Thompson, produced by Natasha Carlish and Mark Leveson.


A restaurant manager tries to prevent his staff from eating the food by forcing them to whistle while they work… Short film made for The Birmingham School of Acting’s Brummiewood scheme, adapted from Jim Crace’s The Devil’s Larder adapted by Alex Jones


Young, gifted and clueless. When a failing music venue looks set to close, the manager launches one last ditch battle of the bands competition… Developed through actors’ workshops, written by Stavros Pambalis and produced by Natasha Carlish & Rebel Uncut, the innovative Turbulence took a group of newly minted drama school grads from BSA, and one heady summer, went and made a movie.

Number 3

Leanne, a newly recruited Jehovah’s Witness, and her veteran colleague Carol make a routine house visit that quickly becomes sinister… A collaboration with writer J.J. Smith, DoP Tom Martin and producers Louise Osbourne and Mark Ellis. (Currently in post-production)