If you’d like me to help with your film education, either in making or appreciating film, get in touch.

How did I get here? Alongside my film practice, I have taught film at numerous UK institutions including Bournemouth University, University of Birmingham, BCU and City Lit (UCL) London. I regularly mentor at the BFI academy for young people aspiring to enter the industry and have also provided mentoring through the Producers Forum and for Channel 4’s Random Acts. From 2011 to 2020, I was an artist tutor at MAC Birmingham where I developed and ran the Short Takes (Production) and Talking Film (Appreciation) courses for adults.

The Short Takes 48hr challenge became a regular feature of the production course and Talking Film visited the Cannes Film festival amongst other things. For the 48hr challenge, I always assigned production roles – script writer, director, producer, camera, sound and editing. The process enabled me to develop talent spotting skills for new entrants to the industry.

My recent film Number 3 written by JJ Smith, a Short Takes graduate, was made by a team almost entirely consisting of students from the course.

I’m always interested in new teaching opportunities and in developing new educational techniques and experiences, particularly where these are integrated into real world film production and distribution. Why not get in touch?