Valentine Mailout

I used to send mailouts quite regularly, when I was teaching, mainly to let people know about forthcoming courses, to reach previous students. Then I stopped teaching and kind of forgot, oops! Anyway, with so much going on I thought I should re start mailouts, ie newsletters by email. Not too often, because thats annoying for anyone, so I’m thinking quarterly. It’s a nice way to touch base with people without being a pain. I’ve restarted with a special Valentine Mailout. It runs as follows –

Hello there, 

I hope you are very well. My sincere apologies, its been a while. Which bought the dilemma of ‘when to mail out’? Well, when better than Valentines day? Time to share the love! Here’s a quick round up of stuff happening in my world that you might be interested in 🙂 


We’re well into film awards season and the BAFTA’s is on Sunday. This will be the 20th anniversary of our film Brown Paper Bag winning best short film there.… Yep, where does the time go?? Anyway, it felt like a good time to check on more recent events and I’m pleased to say, its been a steady haul on the awards front both in drama and documentary. Our short drama ‘Bardo A Rogue and Peasant Slave’ (also penned by BPB’s Geoff Thompson) won awards at Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival, Shorts Factory and Birmingham Film Festival amongst others. ‘Making Connections’ a series of short cycling films, was nominated for a ‘Mode Shift’ Sustainable transport award and feature documentary ‘Chasing the Sun’ was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at Kendal Mountain Festival. ‘Chasing the Sun is due for release in cinemas in April 

Bardo Trailer –

Chasing the Sun Trailer –

Making Connections Series –


If you’d like to get involved with my films, there’s still time to back the crowdfunder for ‘The Fastest Bicycle in the World’ we’ve had a great response and we’re 65% of the way to target. Can you help get us over the line? You can see the trailer and the campaign here ––2/x/52209#/


2024 bought the release of the Scala!!! documentary into UK cinemas about the infamous London Cinema, directed by Jane Giles and Ali Catterall. The film features clips from my very own ‘Scala’ documentary filmed during the cinemas heyday back in 1990. BFI are now distributing ‘Scala!!!’ On Blu Ray and the disc features the full version of ‘Scala’ (1990) in the extras. Check it out

TTFN and Happy Valentines!! 

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